Are you looking for an architect to design your new home or extension? At Define Space, we offer architectural services with a personal touch, providing creative solutions at affordable prices.
We are specialists in minor and intermediate works; with expertise in residential & commercial extensions and new-builds.
Our planning services cover a number of different scenarios :
SPACE PLANNING - we offer space planning services for clients who just want
to get a better idea of what can be achieved for a simple cosmetic

FEASIBILITY STUDY - if you do not want to commit immediately to a planning
application, we can prepare concept ideas and feasibility studies with no
obligation to continue with detailed designs.

PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT - take all doubt out of the equation and submit a
basic design package to the local authority to receive a Certificate of
Lawful Development, to confirm that the proposed work falls within the guidelines of
Permitted Development.

OUTLINE & DETAILED DESIGNS - we can take a feasibility study one step further
and prepare a basic 'outline' planning package to submit to the local authority
to test the water for the proposal.

PRE-APPLICATIONS - we can prepare a design package which can vary in
detail so that preliminary advice can be sought from the local authority prior to
submitting a full planning application.

FULL PLANNING APPLICATIONS - Once all the deliberations are finished, we
offer a comprehensive service to prepare, submit and monitor a full planning application.

Building Regulations look in detail at the construction and materials used for
any building works.

Anyone wishing to carry out building work which is subject to the Building
Regulations is legally required to make sure it complies and gets approval from
Building Control. This applies to the construction of new buildings, extending
existing buildings and for the allowance of certain refurbishment projects.

In order to comply with the current Building Regulations, we offer services to
take pre-approved planning applications / assumed permitted development
projects and prepare all the necessary drawings and information needed to
submit to the approved Building Control Officer.

We will also liaise with the other consultants (Structural Engineers, Energy
Performance Consultants, etc) who may be needed to complete the Building
Regs Package.

Typical examples of building works that require Building Regs approval include:
  • Building a new home;
  • Extending an existing building;
  • Change of building use;
  • Internal structural alterations;
  • Loft & garage conversions;
  • Forming a new structural opening (new window or door);
  • Installing a new WC.